Sword Art Online Hollow Realization Updates : New Characters, Gameplay Systems, and DLC

Sword Art Online Hollow Realization Updates : New Characters, Gameplay Systems, and DLC

Bandai Namco Entertainment recently released new information regarding the PS4/PS Vita game “Sword Art Online Hollow Realization (SA:O)”, which will be released on the 27th of October. A new character Kizmel, a new death game plot, a new feature called “sword skill connect”, and DLC (paid and free) are announced.

Kizmel (voiced by Itou Shizuka)

A dark elf swordswoman who guards the forest. She meets Kirito and Asuna as a special quest NPC (non-playable characters). She fights graciously with a shamshir.

“New Death Game”

During their adventures, Kirito noticed that some of the NPCs he met started disappearing. Later, in a conversation with the information broker Argo, he realized a secret hidden within the game; when a NPC dies, they do not respawn, and is replaced by a new NPC. In SA:O, all NPCs have their unique personalities and AI, and are therefore irreplaceable beings.

To a NPC, this is a death game where they do not get a second chance after death.

Premier, a girl they met in the Town of Beginning, is also a NPC. As Kirito interact with Premier in his adventures, he slowly gets to know her better and care for her.

He thinks, “if Primer dies, I will never see her again…”

In an unfortunate turn of events, Premier was taken to a remote field by players who intend to cause her harm. Kirito learns of this and runs to her rescue…

Sword Skill Connect

Performing sword skills with party members under certain conditions will reduce the cooldown time for skills. This allows you to avoid dire situations with no skills available for use. Develop your own style of fighting and challenge strong foes!

Field Quests “Event Fragment”

When moving around on fields, special quests may occur if you fulfill certain conditions. During the occurrence, you can check for the “event fragment” location on the map.

If you clear the event location, you will unlock another event of a greater scale, known as “episode quest”. By clearing both event fragment and episode quests, you will receive reward items. Go take them on!

Fearsome Monsters Known as “Evil Gods”

When travelling on fields, occasionally you may encounter extremely strong enemies known as “Evil Gods”. It is almost impossible to defeat them on your own, and you may have to take them on together with a raid team online.

Mysterious Player “Richter”

A player shrouded in mystery, Richter, who seems to be acquaintances with Sinon. He refers to Kirito as the “Black Swordsman”, a title known to few. Just what are his objectives?

DLC “Witch of the Abyss”

A brand new scenario that spans 3 chapters. Here are some concept arts of it.

Ending Theme “Two of us”

The ending theme “Two of us” is sang by Tomatsu Haruka. A new PV with a short preview of the song is available in the official website.

Free Massive Update

Sword Art Online Hollow Realization “Fighters of the Blue Sky” (placeholder name) adds an additional  20 hours worth of story that will be a free update to be released within 2016. Seven and Rain from Sword Art Online Lost Song will make an appearance!

Update content:

  •         New characters, Seven and Rain from Sword Art Online Lost Song
  •         New maps
  •         New PVP element
  •         Changes made according to user feedback
  •         20 hours of new story
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