Tokimeki Idol: A Unique Mix Between Dating Sims and Idol Games

Tokimeki Idol: A Unique Mix Between Dating Sims and Idol Games

If you are into dating sims, perhaps you have already heard of Tokimeki Memorial. After all, it is one of the most popular and longest-running dating sims ever, featuring interactive game styles, interesting storylines and captivating characters. Unlike previous games, the latest addition to the franchise, Tokimeki Idol, features idols—making it more similar to popular idol-themed games such Idolmaster and Love Live. Not only will you aim to catch the heart of these idol-hopefuls, but you’re also going to help them reach their dreams of reaching the big stage.


Tokimeki Idol is Konami’s newest twist to the ever-popular Tokimeki Memorial series, which has become synonymous with the dating sim genre ever since its first debut release in 1994. Just like what the title—“Tokimeki” or excitement—suggests, the game revolves around the excitement that you can experience as you spend your days in school with fifteen idol candidates. The game can also be played in both mobile and VR modes.

The fifteen heroines of Tokimeki Idol.

Considering the major change in the series, what can long-time fans of the Tokimemo series expect from Tokimeki Idol? Though further details about the game have not yet been announced, fans can be assured that the elements that made Tokimeki Memorial a major hit—such as scheduling, dating, and stat-building—would definitely exist.

Frequent conversations increase your affection levels with the character!

If it ends up being similar to other Tokimeki Memorial games, the player must spend three years of high school with the heroines. Going out on dates, having frequent conversations as well as increasing your stats are definitely the keys to successfully earn the good ending of a character, which will happen when she confesses her love to you after graduation at the end of your third year.

The heroines in one of their shows as idols.

Will Tokimeki Idol become similar to other idol-themed games, which are usually composed of rhythm and other mini-games? Considering that Tokimeki Idol is a mobile game, it is highly likely that the game will have that feature aside from the usual stuff seen in Tokimeki Memorial. Still, whether it may include it or not, Tokimeki Idol is already considered as an “evolution” from the standard Tokimeki Memorial games with its idol themes alone.

Tokimeki Idol is expected to be released in Japan this winter.



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