Touken Ranbu’s Limited New Sword ‘Sengo Muramasa’ To Be Released By The End of January

Touken Ranbu’s Limited New Sword ‘Sengo Muramasa’ To Be Released By The End of January

In commemoration for having 2 million downloads of the smartphone version of Touken Ranbu Online (PC/ iOS / Android), a new sword was announced for a limited time by the end of January.

As announced in the Touken Ranbu talkshow event for its second anniversary on January 14, the new sword will be known as Sengo Muramasa and will be voiced by popular voice actor Suwabe Junichi.

The new sword was supposed to be out for a limited time in March but due to insistent public demand and the fact that the smartphone app has exceeded 2 million downloads, the company has decided to change its release date.

Bloodthirsty Swordsmith

As stated on the tweet on its official site, Muramasa is:


 An uchigatana designed for battle with a terrifying ability to cut forged by the founder of the Muramasa school (Sengo Muramasa). His mysterious behavior might come from the story about being long regarded as a bewitched demon blade. He’s a source of worry for Tonbokiri, who is also a work of Muramasa.
Translated by pandacath

“Huhuhuhu. What’s the matter? Shall I undress?”
Translated by pandacath

The new sword was based on a swordsmith of the same name, Sengo Muramasa. The real Muramasa was known for his skills as well as his violent and ill-balanced mind verging on madness. It is said that he passed his tendencies onto his blades such that they become bloodthirsty and impel their wielder to commit murder or suicide.

Instant Popularity

In less than 24 hours since the announcement of the new character, several fanarts have already been created for the new sword. A lot of fans have expressed endearment for the character due to his build and his clothing, which they dubbed as a “blessing to the fandom.”


The character’s popularity skyrocketed even more upon the reveal that Suwabe Junichi will be his voice actor. A lot of fans have photoshopped the faces of his characters on Muramasa’s body, with a number of them belonging to Victor Nikiforov, a popular character from the recent hit
Yuri!!! on Ice.

It is expected that the character’s popularity will increase further by the end of January following his release.

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