Visiting Tokyo Game Show 2016: Warning, Lots of Pictures Ahead

This is my second year going to Tokyo Game Show (TGS) and like last year, it’s filled with big name publishing companies. Sony, Konami, Capcom, DMM, and many others are there this week trying to show off their latest and greatest.

Like always, Sony has a huge presence at the show showing off many titles that will be released within the next coming months.

The long awaited Final Fantasy 15 and The Last Guardian made for a huge crowed pleaser. People gathered and waited in long lines just to have a chance to play a 20 minutes demo of the game only to have waited at least 30 minutes prior. Luckily it was business day and I can’t imagine what time wait times are when the show is opened to the public on Saturday and Sunday.

This year’s show marks a first dedicated area to display the latest in both hardware and software technology. Futuretown, Fove, DloDlo (pronounced DoDo), and many others, are there with their latest VR hardware literation. Here is just a brief look on the show floor.