“Ys VIII” Patch Update with Time Attack Mode, Free Item Sets and Costume DLCs

“Ys VIII” Patch Update with Time Attack Mode, Free Item Sets and Costume DLCs

Nihon Falcom updated “Ys VIII –Lacrimosa of DANA-“ with patch version 1.01 that adds new features such like “time attack” mode, free item sets, costumes, equippable attack items and other DLCs. This update is to be implemented on 21st of July, which is the release date of the PS Vita version of the game. The PS4 version will be released in 2017.

“Time attack” is a mode that allows you to freely battle bosses after clearing the game. An added feature “Adventure diary” allows players to view various “tips” during the game. Several bug fixes were also implemented in this patch, so those who bought the game already should get this patch for sure.

Patch Version 1.01

1)      Time Attack mode

A mode that allows you to freely fight bosses.

2)      Tips viewing mode

Allows you to read gameplay tips from the adventure diary.

3)      DLC compatibility

From 21st July onwards, DLC becomes usable.

4)      Small bug fixes

“Ys VIII” DLC notice

Together with patch version 1.01, the below DLC becomes downloadable.

<Free Items>

- Free item set 1 :

Receive a free “secret pill of training” that increases character level by 1.

- Free item set 2 :

A set of HP recovery fruits - Fruit of Kuru, coconut, mango, fruit of dragon tree.


- Zekkai Pirates costume : 300 yen each (inclusive of tax)

Allows you to change the outfit of playable characters (Adol/Raksha/Sahad/Hummel/Ricotta/Dana) to “Zekkai Pirate” costumes.

                       Adol                                           Laxia

                    Sahad                                          Hummel

                     Ricotta                                          Dana

<Attach Items>

- Hug hug Feena/Lilia/Dark Fact : 100 yen each (inclusive of tax)

Toys of characters from the Ys series that can be equipped and attaches to Adol’s arm.

- Stylish spectacles set : 100 yen (inclusive of tax)

Equippable spectacles of 3 designs (amber glass/monocle/skull patch).

- Stylish sunglasses set : 100 yen (inclusive of tax)

Equippable sunglasses of 3 designs (natural gray/black round/lovely heart).

- Ancient mask set : 100 yen (inclusive of tax)

Equippable ancient masks (sun mask/moon mask/mask of eyes) from the Ys series.

- Other than these, there will also be useful recovery items and equippable accessory sets available.   

Ys is a super long-running action RPG series well-known for its fast-paced gameplay. The highlight of the games are hands down the boss fights, which can be downright brutal on higher difficulties. The time attack mode is a great player-friendly feature that allows players to grind and perfect the boss fights.

There were quite a lot of negative response to the gameplay trailer of the game concerning framerate drops, which is totally understandable as this is supposed to be a lightning-paced action game. According to what I’ve read from those who played the game, those issues seem to be resolved.

Nihon Falcom is great at world-building, and their games tend to give a name and personality to every single NPC in their games. This makes their characters likable and memorable; something many games struggle to achieve. However, compared to the Kiseki series, the Ys series has a weaker story. Usually with Adol drifting somewhere after a shipwreck and ending up facing against a great evil that threatens the land. This is a small issue for Ys fans as the series shines in its gameplay department.

Check out the badass gameplay in this official trailer. The music is amazing too.


For the latest information, visit the official website of Ys VIII –Lacrimosa of DANA-.

[Article source : http://www.4gamer.net/games/272/G027219/20160714023/]

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