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Japan Nintendo eShop 2000 Yen Code

Japan Nintendo eShop 2000 Yen Code

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Item: Japan eShop 2000 Yen Prepaid Card
Available for this product for verified users. Delivery times may vary for new customers.
Delivery Method: Email Delivery (16-Digit Code)


As of August 29, 2022, it is no longer possible to use a Nintendo eShop Card to add funds to an account in Nintendo eShop on Wii U or the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. 


With the release of the Nintendo Switch system, the console is now region-free. This means that users (anywhere) are now able to gain access to Japan-specific games and demos.

Users must either sign in or create a separate Japanese eShop account in order to purchase Japanese-exclusive games.

Nintendo Switch 

Shop within the Japan Nintendo eShop store with your imported Japanese Nintendo 3DS, New 3DS, Wii U systems, and Switch. The points allow anyone to download the latest Japanese titles without the need to fly to Japan or have a Japanese credit card.

  • Search for Japanese games or pay for in-game items. 
  • Download new content from the eShop store.
  • Download new themes.
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        We accept all major credit card payment through Paypal.

        Before making payment, please make sure your credit card policy allows you to purchase these codes without the "cash advance fee". otherwise, paying by direct paypal payment or a credit card with no cash advance fees is highly recommended to avoid any unnecessary fees. We also recommend you shop directly on our eBay page if you only have credit card payment as your only option.

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      • How to get Instant Email Delivery

        Once you are done checking out. you will receive an SMS to verify your account. If your account requires verification, we will be sending you an email.

        All codes are sent to you fully activated from Japan. You can redeem the code to use outside of Japan through the digital shop. Please make sure you are signed into the correct service before redeeming code redemption.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Very pleased

      I bought around $100USD worth of Nintendo eShop Japan vouchers from AP507.

      Order changed to fulfilled in just a minute even tho I was a first time customer. But I couldn’t see the vouchers in my email! So I contacted them via the chat and they asked me to look in spam folder. My spam folder contained no unread messages - but when I looked - the codes were there!

      They had delivered the codes within 2 minutes of me paying.

      I will definitely use this company again as I can trust them and they charge very fair prices.


      I had ordered this product nearly 3 days back now, and I was extremely annoyed when the code I was sent didn't work.
      I assumed I was scammed, and replied to the email saying that the code didn't work.
      One of their support people told me they were experiencing Server Issues so that was why the code took so long... and didn't work.
      I was offered a full refund or a new code, and chose the new code. It did work!

      I'll have to rate it 4 stars simply because of how long it took, but the customer service was very nice.
      Hopefully it takes less time to push the order to new customers!