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How Monster Musume Attracts Hardcore Fans

Source: Monster Musume Episode 1 At Comic Market 88 last summer, Japanese book publisher Tokuma Shoten brought with them an astounding seven-meter long hugging pillow. Featuring a character named Miia from the series Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls, it sold out in under an hour despite its whopping 100,000 yen ($850) tag. Given this success, why hadn’t any other company tried something like this before? The reason, I believe, is that Monster Musume boldly goes where other similar series do not dare to tread, and thus garnered a loyal fanbase because of its earnestness.

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One Punch! JAM Project’s Gateway to Western Success?

Source: One Punch Man Anime Official Site  Whether it’s the exquisite action sequences, the superhero aesthetic, or the clever humor, the One Punch Man anime has been turning a lot of heads. Among its many memorable qualities, one particularly powerful feature is its rocking theme song, “The Hero!! ~Light a Fire in This Enraged Fist~,” sung by superstar anime band JAM Project. Its initial cry of “One Puuuuuunch!” is not only invigorating, it’s also a lot easier to remember then the string of German at the beginning of Attack on Titan’s first opening. It’s so catchy, in fact, that I believe that One Punch Man will finally be what garners success for JAM Project with English-speaking audiences.

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