Collection: Mobage MobaCoin by DeNA

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Delivery Method: Email (Digital Code)

Current Delivery Time For Verified Users: 2 Hours

Moba coins can be used to purchase in-game items for games that were developed by DeNA through the Mobage service on PC, Yahoo! Mobage, iPhone, and Andriod.

Please take special note that the amount reflected on the card will be lower due to the fee charged by Mobage when redeeming the card.

The code is valid for 6 months after the issue date. Please do not share your code with anyone outside.

There is a limit of 16,000 Yen that can be spent per month or 5,000 Yen per month for customers under the age of 15. If the limit is exceeded, please wait until the following month. 

No refund is allowed after the code is issued. 

1,000 Yen

970 Moba Coins

2,000 Yen

1,940 Moba Coins

3,000 Yen

2,910 Moba Coins

5,000 Yen

4,859 Moba Coins

10,000 Yen

9,700 Moba Coins

Some of the compatible games include IdolM@ster SideM, GranBlue Fantasy, and Final Fantasy's Record Keeper. 

Mobage MobaCoin by DeNA